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June 2017

Join me at the Festival of Genomics San Diego June 26-27 where I’ll be speaking in a panel on “Overcoming bottlenecks in using the microbiome to improve health.” The festival combines powerful learning experiences and brings together representatives from all areas of genomic medicine to explore health care and clinical applications, technological advances in CRISPR and single cell analysis and pharma R&D to enable precision medicine. Check out the full agenda here: agenda

May 2017

Two articles were accepted and soon to be in press! Keep a eye out for:

  • Sastry et al. Bioinformatics (2017) — my first senior author paper!
  • Monk, Lloyd, Brunk et al. Nature Biotechnology (2017)

February 2017

Looking forward to giving a talk in the Gene Variation 3D workshop – held at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle! Working toward the interconnection of genomic, proteomic, and protein structure data…

link to workshop url

January 2017

Our publication was the most cited in 2016! BMC Systems Biology

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.27.15 AM

August 2016

Check out the fruit of our collaboration with RCSB PDB (Protein Data Bank) – you can now map & visualize 3D protein structures in the context of their biochemical pathways! A first for PDB!

link to

May 2016

Cell Systems article is finally out! Check out the nice preview article commentary the journal wrote on our manuscript! preview commentary link

February 2016

Check out my new blog for anyone interested in writing a K99/R00 application: K99 tips!

August 2015

May 2015

  • Our Review Article in Chemical Reviews is finally out!

    Mixed Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanical Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Biological Systems in Ground and Electronically Excited States.

    E. Brunk and U. Rothlisberger

    in Chemical Reviews, p. 150423092647007, 2015.

    Download PDF: Download Article PDF

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